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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I'm new to UltraCompare, but not to 'diff' type systems.

So far, I've not seen UC detects line moves within a file, even in a simple 3-line test case:

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Test 1             Test 1
Test 2             Test 3
Test 3             Test 2

Is there a way to enable move detection, or is that a "future feature"? :)
I've not seen a compare tool which can. UltraCompare and Beyond Compare both fail to detect that Test 2 has moved. Is there something which can? That'd be pretty cool.
UltraCompare has 2 text comparison modes: standard block mode (upper half of image) and relational lines mode (lower half of image).

Standard block versus relational lines text compare mode
test_compare_modes.png (1.3 KiB) Viewed 2033 times

Which one is better depends on contents of compared files. In menu View the menu item Relational Lines Mode switches between these 2 text compare modes.

A capability required for detecting text moves versus text edits would require really understanding the compared text. No general compare application is able to understand contents of compared text files. A human is often capable in doing that, but only if the human has learned what is the structure of the text and understand the text. If somebody would ask me to compare 2 text files containing for example Chinese text and I should explain what was moved, what was edited, what was inserted and what was deleted, I could only answer: I can't because I don't understand Chinese text and can't read it. Chinese text is for me just a stream of unknown symbols like the bytes of two text files for a text comparison application. It is possible to find out what is equal and what is different, but not in which relationships the differences are without understanding the compared contents.
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I don't find the first mode anymore after update to 64-bit!

2016-03-23 Bild 1.png
2016-03-23 Bild 1.png (90.79 KiB) Viewed 616 times

How can I enable "standard block mode" again?

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Click on Zeilenbezug-Modus (English: Relational Lines Mode) to toggle off this mode automatically activating the standard block mode.

Note: UC Prof. v15.20.0.6 and v15.20.0.11 are identical, just the installer executable is different as being improved for Windows 10.
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I did not find it.
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