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Hi everyone,

I really like the ftp sync feature and svn integration BUT I can't activate both on the same project.

If I activate the version control on my project that already have a folder with ftp sync, I lose all menu items related to ftp sync (download from server, upload to server, etc.).

I'm using demo version 15.20 at the moment, I will install UEStudio 15.30 and test if it's fixed.

Am I doing something wrong?
I'm not using SVN and therefore can't really help on your issue. But I think you won't get quickly an answer by any other forum member regarding this topic from my experience on managing the board. It would be most likely the best to contact IDM support by email using the mailto link at top (email us directly) or the support form. IDM support can be used free also within trial period.

What I do not really understand is why you want to synchronize your project files with FTP when using a version control system.

Wouldn't it corrupt the version control system when modifying files on server via FTP directly?
Best regards from Austria
Thank you for your reply.
I want to use ftp sync because I edit files locally on my computer and after that I send it to the Unix server for compiling and running.
We use SVN as our source control between all programmers.
The server don't have SVN installed.
Thanks for letting us know why FTP synchronization and SVN integration is wanted by you. This use case makes absolutely sense. Unfortunately I can't help you as I don't use SVN by myself. But thanks anyway for the reply.
Best regards from Austria
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