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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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These hotkeys go outside the current document like searching with 'all open files' option.

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Ctrl+UP ARROW         SearchGoBack              Go to last position
Ctrl+DOWN ARROW       SearchGoForward           Go to next position

Is there a way to set as per document?
Those two commands can't be configured to work on a per document base.

There are also no other commands available in UE v22.20.0.40 or previous versions to jump back and forward on caret positions within current file only.

So when it is necessary to edit or view a file frequently on 2 or more different positions, it is advisable to

  • use bookmarks,
  • or split the document window,
  • or use duplicate window feature,
  • or use 2 or more instances of UltraEdit and opening the same file in all instances,
  • or work with the other commands for moving caret by key.
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Thanks for the info.

I thought this was a useful feature until I found it jumping between files.

Also, with split vertical, the caret jumps between left and right when jumping. It doesn't follow history so much as doesn't know which side I was on.

Can you set bookmarks to follow the order they were placed? I thought it was linear only.

Duplicate window will probably work. I used them then stopped, probably because tab docking disables it.

Now I have tab docking disabled, but the tabs are on bottom and I could not find any menu item to choose where to place them.

Edit: I found the toggle for showing tabs on the bottom by right clicking on the tabs -> File Tabs.

When using duplicate window mode, tabs are per-window, which crunches them a bit, so I tried turning off "open file tabs", but then it won't show duplicate windows.
Bookmarks are based on line number and not on historical caret position. View - Views/Lists - Bookmark Viewer may help to easily navigate to the bookmark of current interest.

I can't reproduce what you wrote about duplicate windows. After using Window - Duplicate Window to have two windows for same file, there are two file tabs for a file with :1 and :2 appended to file name in file tabs. Those 2 file tabs are always shown independent on which of the 6 file tabs layouts is used according to configuration.

BTW: Bookmarks can be remembered on exit of UltraEdit for each file if appropriate setting is enabled in configuration.
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With too many tabs open in dual, the tab bar was huge, so I tried disabling tabs, but that disabled dual mode. Solution is not use so many tabs, I think.
How many duplicate windows do you have opened?

Do you need more than 2 to work on more than 2 different positions in a file at the same time?

I would be really interested in what you are doing in UltraEdit as in more than 10 years nobody else had a requirement like you. Perhaps I can suggest a better method for your use case when I know more about this use case. Please describe what are you doing in what type of file to need jumping frequently between various editing positions in same file.

There are 6 file tabs bar layouts:

  1. Dockable with Single Line - scrollable
  2. Dockable with Single Line - drop down file list
  3. Dockable with MultiLine Tabs
  4. Not Dockable with Single Line - scrollable
  5. Not Dockable with Single Line - drop down file list
  6. Not Dockable with MultiLine Tabs
The single line layouts occupy always only space for a single line independent on how many file tabs are in use.
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