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Display customization and font issues
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I can't split a window with drag & drop from the open file tabs bar with UEStudio v15.30.0.16. I restored UES v15.30.0.15 and it works fine.
Best regards from Austria
Same problem also exists for UltraEdit I've sent an email to IDM support with a link to this post.


Your best option is to contact IDM support on the "email us directly" link above and ask them for a copy of UES respectively UE v22.20.0.40. This version of UES respectively UE does not have the problem that UES and UES and UE v22.20.0.43 and UE v22.20.0.49 have, which IDM support is aware of. I've notified them of the problem and received this reply:

IDM support wrote: Thank you for your message and for pointing this out. I do see this and we're investigating this issue.


I updated UE this morning and now I'm unable to drag a tab to a new window in the editor. Has anyone else experienced this?
aksturgeon, yes this is currently a known issue as it can be read above. (Your post was moved by me to this topic.)


  • Click in menu Window on menu item Enable tiling / Dockable tabs which changes file tabs from not dockable to dockable resulting in displaying also the title bar for the open file tabs.

  • Click in menu Window on Tile Vertical to get all opened files displayed side by side.

    If there are more than 2 files opened and just 2 of the opened files should be displayed side by side, click on minimize symbol (underscore) in the documents window title of those files which should not be displayed side by side. Then use once again Window - Tile Vertical to get the remaining 2 document windows displayed side by side.

  • When finished with working with 2 files side by side, click once again on Window - Enable tiling / Dockable tabs to restore preferred not dockable file tabs with not displaying title bar of open file tabs.
This workaround worked with 32-bit UE v22.20.0.49 on Windows XP SP3 x86.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. Unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. I have the older install files so I simply reinstalled and all is well. :P I didn't even bother uninstalling the newer version first. Thanks again.
After applying minor upgrade ( this morning, "Drag-N-Drop Split Pane Editing" no longer works. Also, "Drag-N-Drop Split Pane Editing" link in multiple IDM forum topics returns "page not found". Has the "Drag-N-Drop Split Pane Editing" function been removed from UltraEdit?
cryptonoetic, please read above. (Your post was moved by me to this topic.)

You are right regarding to the links to the power tip about vertical and horizontal splitting of workspace for comparing two (or more) files manually. The linked power tip page is currently not available.

I don't know the plans of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. regarding this feature. I suggest to report the issue by email to IDM support. The more users report this issue by email, the higher becomes the priority for fixing or re-implementing this feature.

Edit: The power tip Vertical & Horizontal Split Window was made available again after this feature became available again in UltraEdit and UEStudio.
Best regards from Austria
I've had a further update from IDM this morning regarding this issue. It's not a bug but rather a deliberate change on IDM's part. This is the response I received from them.

IDM support wrote: Thank you for your continued patience regarding the issue associated with dragging a file tab to create a new group of tabs. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with an update.

The issue is not a bug. Our framework utilizes Microsoft Foundation Classes and libraries (MFC). These resources are provided to Windows developers such as ourselves for a fee paid to Microsoft (MS). The specific aforementioned tab functionality is provided by MS as native to the MFC libraries.

Unfortunately we have had to remove the aforementioned tab functionality as it is part of a possible third party patent dispute until the issue is resolved.

While we await the resolution of this issue with the third party we have been advised to remove the functionality.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding and we will keep you updated on any changes. We expect the matter to be resolved quickly.

Hopefully this clarifies the situation for everyone.


For me is this one of the most import feature, I use it every day. The workaround written by mofi is not a solution for me. Most of the times I had open 5-15 Source files. I must not split via drag&drop, IDM can simple add this with a menu and/or a hotkey. Without this feature I can't use UES, sorry. So at this time I work with UES V15.30.0.15, IMHO the last version that can split Window vertically.
Best regards from Austria
Hi Markus,

well, it is not the fault of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. that this feature is not available anymore. As the email from IDM support explains, there is a patent dispute between Microsoft and a third-party company regarding this feature and IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. and all users of latest UltraEdit and UEStudio are the victims.

A simple workaround is not using currently latest version of UE v22.20 / UES v15.30.
Best regards from Austria
Another workaround to work with files displayed side by side is using two instances of UltraEdit / UEStudio.

  • Save the file which should be displayed on right side of all other files.
  • Left click on the file tab of an opened file which you want get displayed on right side, hold left mouse button, drag the mouse pointer on a free area on desktop or on a free area on Windows task bar if there is no free area on desktop and leave the left mouse button.
    The file is closed in current instance of UltraEdit and a new instance of UltraEdit is opened with the dragged file.
    Alternatively Advanced - Open New Instance of UltraEdit / UEStudio can be used to start a new instance of UE/UES.
  • On using two or more monitors the second instance of UE/UES can be moved to other monitor.
    If only one monitor is used or just one monitor should be used for UE/UES, use built-in feature of Windows 7 and later Windows versions to Arrange windows side by side on the desktop using Snap.
  • Other opened files in first instance can be moved also with drag & drop of file tab from first into now already displayed second instance of UE/UES.
Special hint:

There is the configuration setting Store windows/menu/toolbars placements and configurations for multiple instances of application at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Advanced. You might want to enable this setting and restart only running instance of UE/UES to get it saved into the INI file. After having opened second instance of UE/UES using now a separate workspace configuration file created as copy of main workspace file, the workspace for second instance can be adjusted. For example views always opened in first instance on left or ride side of UE main window can be closed or configured to auto-hide to get a larger area for file contents in second instance. This second workspace file is used in future always for second instance of UE/UES. As workspace file contains also the main window position and size, the side by side arrangement for second instance must be in this case done only once.
Best regards from Austria
This is a showstopper for me. This is a major feature, and since it's not there it's really slowing me down.

As for the part that it's not "IDM" fault, this is not really relevant. I shouldn't have to suffer decisions made by the company. I originally bought the software because of the features. How IDM brings the feature in (3rd Party) shouldn't be my concern.

This was one of the feature that made me buy the application. I was actually thinking of going with the IDM subscription, but seeing how stuff get's removed (without even telling the users) I don't think it's a good deal for me to always have the latest version - as the workaround seems to not update.
Showstopper for me too. I reverted to v22.20.0.37. I didn't realize how much I used this feature.
Me too, reverted back to UEStudio version!
Best regards from Austria
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