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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Generally I use UltraEdit as a note keeper, opening blank files to keep notes
When I close UltraEdit it asks me to save those blank (unsaved) files.

What I need is

1. the possibility of closing UltraEdit without saving manually those files
2. getting back those files when I reopen UltraEdit

I could not find this functionality in the configurations.
I found power tip about Version backups but which seems to be outdated with the latest version of UE.

Thank you for your help!
1. Configuration->File Handling->Save->Automatic Save
2. Configuration->File Handling->Load->Reload files previously open at startup
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
it is what I did but when closing Ultraedit, the brand new blanks files I have created prompts to save them on hard disk
I would like an automatic save also here
Hope I am clear
Thank you
In addition to Ovg´s post:

Configure your Windows to hibernate instead of shutdown and you don't need to exit UltraEdit ever manually on turning off your computer. Then exiting UltraEdit is only needed when Windows requires a reboot for finishing installing updates, or when (un)installer of an application wants a reboot of Windows to complete (un)install, or when UltraEdit itself is updated/upgraded.

You could also use a set of named files all stored in a folder of your choice. You could use File - Favorite Files to add this folder or the "note" files in this folder to list of favorite files. With a hotkey to Favorite Files command or by a click on its symbol in toolbar it would be easy to open all "note" files from list. Or Favorites on tab Lists on File View view is used for quick opening a "note" file.

I wrote long time ago a macro to save all new unnamed files, see Macro to save new files? This macro stored in a macro file (with other macros) with a hotkey assigned for quick execution and macro file being set for automatic load on startup of UltraEdit makes it possible to save all notes after modifying or adding a note to a directory of your choice with a hotkey.

An even better solution was posted years later at Save all new, unnamed files with automatically generated file names which contains an UltraEdit script to save all unnamed files to a directory of your choice with an automatically generated file name. The script can be added to list of scripts with assigning a hotkey for quick execution. It would be also possible to enhance it with GUID generator method for UE scripts to avoid overwriting existing "note" files although I think, this is not really necessary for this task.

I want to draw your attention on command File - Special Functions - Delete Active File. I have assigned hotkey Alt+Del to this command in key mapping configuration dialog. So I can press Alt+Del and next Return to close and delete active file.

Last but not least it would be also possible to write an UltraEdit script with a hotkey like Ctrl+Shift+N assigned and added to script list which creates a new file saved automatically as named "note" file with a GUID in file name into a directory of your choice. The script could even write current date and time into the file before you append the note. Then you would have always a new named "note" file when using Ctrl+Shift+N before writing the note.

Note: Configuring to execute automatically a macro or script on exit of UltraEdit is not possible. So the trigger for macro or script execution must be done by you with keyboard.
Best regards from Austria
first I thank you for your rather exhaustive answer!
Okay, so scripting without closing event will be my choice.
Let's try it.

The whole story is that I use notepad++ which allows this and I am going to buy UltraEdit for replacement.
So I try to anticipate the things I may loose during the trial period.

Thank you very much++

you can close the topic.
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