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I have a bunch of huge .txt files I am sorting through. There is this weird Ankh like symbol that I see if I open this with Notepad - but if I opened in UltraEdit it shows up as a line in a row without a line number. I have tried Perl to find/replace using regex, but have had no luck.

Can someone please help me figure out a way to delete these without manually doing it.

UltraEdit Professional Text/HEX Editor (x64)
Windows 7

It looks like your files contain form feeds with code value 12 decimal respectively 0C hexadecimal and listed in ASCII table with name FF (NP) and control character ^L.

It is possible in UltraEdit at File - Print Setup/Configuration - Page Setup to define the Page break code which is by default 12 - the form feed control character. A page break is displayed with a horizontal line if View - Show Page Breaks as Lines is enabled in UltraEdit as by default.

To delete this control character from all your files, run a Search - Replace in Files with ^b as search string and an empty replace string and with either Regular expressions NOT checked or with using UltraEdit regular expression engine. The search string must be \f with using Unix or Perl regular expression engine. It is also possible to use \x0C with using Perl regular expression engine.

BTW: The code value of a character is displayed with caret set left to the character and clicking in menu Search on Character Properties.
Best regards from Austria
^b worked perfectly.
Thank you for this and additional information!
Have a great day.
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