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Splitting one document works. But viewing 2 documents side by side is not possible in version I am not able to drag a tab to do this.

UltraEdit works fine, so I went back to this version.
This is also an issue with the latest releases of UltraEdit and UEStudio for Windows - see this topic Can't split workspace using drag & drop with UE v22.20.0.43+ and UES v15.30.0.16+

Please contact IDM support on the "email us directly" link above. The more users that report an issue, the higher the priority it's given for fixing.



Workspace splitting feature is

available in version:

not available in version:

(OS X 10.10.5)
UE for Mac version can not have two documents side by side also. I go back to version
If it matters, this feature is not available in version either. I have gone back to version just for this functionality.

Updated list of feature availability:

Feature is available in version:

Feature is not available in versions:,,
This functionality is restored in UltraEdit for Mac as announced with this post written by Ian D. Mead, president of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Best regards from Austria
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