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Display customization and font issues
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In my UltraEdit Professional Text/HEX Editor (x64) version on Windows 10 64 bit it is no longer possible to scroll in the browser view pane.
It was possible in previous versions, and I wish it will possible again soon.
That is indeed a very interesting issue.

If I open on Windows 7 SP1 x64 in 32-bit UE v22.20.0.49 a *.html file, use Window - Duplicate Window, and use on the duplicate window View - Toggle Browser View, it is not possible to scroll in browser view.

But if I disable browser view on duplicate window (file name on file tab ends with :2) and enable it instead on initial window of the *.html file (file name on file tab ends with :1), scrolling in browser view works.

Please report this issue by email to IDM support as this is a user-to-user forum, see top of the page.
Best regards from Austria
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