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Display customization and font issues
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Hi folks!

Is there a way I can toggle the display of the function list view depending on the file extension of the file, i.e. if it is code then I want it visible but if it is text then I would like it invisible (and word-wrap on)?

If this is not possible currently, would anyone else like it?
Word-wrap on or off by default depending on file type (file extension) can be customized via Advanced - Configuration - Editor - Word Wrap / Tab Settings, see File extension based word wrap, tab and indent settings.

The visibility of the function list view can't be configured for depending on type of active file in UE v22.20.0.49 and UES v15.30.0.18 or any former version.

The function list view is by default docked on right side. With a click on the small pin symbol in title bar of the Function List the visibility of this list can be set to auto-hide which might be an option for you.

Another possibility to quickly show/hide the function list view is adding the command Show or Hide Function List to a toolbar if not already present in one of the toolbars (depends on used layout). Then the visibility of the list can be toggled by a click on the symbol of this command.

My last suggestion is what I use myself. I opened once in the past Advanced - Configuration - Key Mapping and assigned to each command ViewShowHideX a hotkey assignment. I use Alt+Shift+Letter for each view listed in View - Views/Lists. For example Alt+Shift+F toggles visibility of Function List, Alt+Shift+B for Bookmark Viewer or Alt+Shift+J for (Java)Script List. (Alt+Shift+S toggles visibility of Spaces and Tabs.)

So I can very quickly toggle visibility of a view by key. On making a view visible by key, the input focus is moved to the view making it possible to use the keyboard to navigate quickly to an entry in the view and activate it with RETURN. Hiding a view by key sets input focus automatically back to the active file. Ups, I have given away now how I'm using the views efficiently by using only keyboard for inserting tags and templates and special ANSI characters quickly, and jumping to a bookmark or a function or an opened file or an XML element quickly.

BTW: Can you guess what Alt+Shift+W toggles in my UE and UES configuration? Hint: It toggles something also written in this post, but is not a list view.
Best regards from Austria
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