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In the previous versions of UE for OS X my system preferences for date/time formats were used when using the shortcut 'Fn F7' key combo:

Previous version: 2016-01-06 13:57:10
Latest version: 01/06/2016 1:57:10 PM

I prefer international date format and 24 hour time (previous version) not that in Mac UE (latest version).
I suggest to report this issue to IDM support by email, see top of this page with email us directly.

I'm not using UEM nor do I have a Mac. So what I suggest next is from UltraEdit for Windows and I don't know if UEM supports this as well.

In UltraEdit for Windows it is possible to create a global template with content:

Code: Select all

This template inserts the current date and time in international date/time format independent on local date/time format settings of the OS.

In Key Mapping configuration dialog a hotkey can be assigned to command InsertTemplateX. This makes it possible to quickly insert the current date/time in international format with pressing the assigned hotkey. Templates can be used also from within an UltraEdit macro or script.

Please let me know if using a template for inserting current date and time in international format is possible also in UltraEdit for Mac.
Best regards from Austria
Hello Mofi,

Your solution works on Mac UE as well.
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