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Running UEX 15.0.8 on Linux Mint 17.3 with the Mate desktop, attempting to do Alt+F to open the file menu, etc. does not work. Hitting the Alt key does result in the underscore appearing beneath the correct letters, but pressing the corresponding key (or any key) has no additional effect. Rolling back to returns normal function.

I've also tried this on the recent/virgin-ish install on my laptop with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like to take advantage of the features in the newer versions, but having shortcuts not function normally is a show-stopper.
Please please report this issue so they're aware that it affects more than one or two people. Someone else reported it on the forum before then (in a now deleted post), but I'm not sure if that person contacted IDM support.

I reported this problem to IDM in June 2015 and they verified that they can reproduce it. I'd really like it fixed.
I reported this via email and have received a response:

Thank you for your message. I am sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

We have reproduced this recently (in fact the first report came in yesterday), and we are investigating. I've added your contact details to our log on the subject, and we'll let you know when an updated build is released that corrects the problem.

Thank you,
f1d094 wrote: We have reproduced this recently (in fact the first report came in yesterday), and we are investigating.

Well, that doesn't make me feel great about waiting so long and never following up on my bug report. I don't know if it would have resulted in a hotfix any sooner (I'm not sure how active sustaining engineering or development is on the Linux product), but what you posted makes it sound like my earlier report didn't have a hope of generating a hotfix.
@mwb1100 I have learned in the last 15 years of using applications and developing software that 99.8% of all users of Windows, Linux and Mac really never use the modifier keys - Alt+ shortcuts - for opening a menu, executing a menu command, activating a button, toggling an option, setting focus into an edit field.

I work together with 100 colleagues in our company and I know that I'm the only one using Alt+ shortcuts at all. I'm quite sure that nobody of IDM uses them taking into account how often I wrote already during beta testing of UE/UES for Windows emails about setting up modifiers better for new commands in menu and new or redesigned dialogs with a concrete suggestion for English version.

And I know from product managers and GUI developers in my company that modifiers are completely outside of their awareness. The only chance to get well defined and working Alt+ shortcuts is: reporting, reporting and reporting, best on every new version released with no improvement on this area. Yes, it is really necessary to become a nuisance, always friendly of course, but very firmly. I have done that in the past for UC/UE/UES/US and other applications very, very often and finally at some time a version of the application was released with improved Alt+ feature working as requested several times.

Another problem is that there are many terms for Alt+ modifiers (shortcuts, hotkeys, command keys) as most people even those using this feature regularly don't know how this feature is called at all. This results often in different reports about in real same issue all added into same issue database. So I'm quite sure your report from June 2015 is in the issue database (of course with very low priority for the reasons above), but was not found by support team member because of using different words explaining the same issue.
Best regards from Austria
I'm happy to find that UE for Linux is released today and that it fixes this problem.
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