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The recent update for UE on OS X (v15 to v16) has changed the i-beam cursor behavior.

Previous behavior was to select either to the left or the right edge of the cursor depending on position over a character. For instance on a aaWbb I could have the mouse cursor over the middle of the 'W' character and easily select either the left of the 'W' (producing 'Wbb') or the right of the W (producing only 'bb').

The new behavior only selects from the right-hand edge of the cursor, which consequently makes it extremely difficult to select the start of a line which border the window gutter (line number area). Normally I could center select over the first character of a line to begin selecting a line or line starting word. Now I must move the mouse into the gutter and find the sliver of space where it will permit selection from the first character using only the right most edge of the cursor, before the cursor changes behavior for the line number area.

Is there a setting to return the mouse behavior to the default OS X (and Windows) i-beam selection behavior? If not, please restore the default OS behavior.

Edit: This issue was fixed in version of UltraEdit for MAC.
This is only a user to user forum as explained above. There is no one here who can help you to get your problem fixed. You will need to contact IDM by email with the details of your issue.


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