There is the command Insert/Fill Columns in menu Columns for inserting a string in column mode on all lines selected or on all lines from current caret position up to last line of file. See help page Insert/Fill Columns command in help of UltraEdit or in online help for details on this command. And see also Advanced - Configuration - Editor - Column Mode where insert/overstrike behavior can be defined for column mode.

The script InsertFillColumnsFromClipboard.js makes it possible to quickly insert a string in clipboard into all lines selected in column mode using this command with a single keystroke. It additionally extends the command. Read the comments at top of script file for details.

This script can be downloaded from Macros & Scripts page being listed there with title Insert/Fill Columns with string from clipboard.


The script InsertStringsInSelectedColumns.js is for inserting multiple strings/lines from clipboard into the lines selected in column mode similar to Paste command, but with some differences.

  • All characters of a currently existing rectangular selection are always deleted on executing this script.
  • The strings/lines in active clipboard are inserted at selected column in selected lines, but with removing all trailing spaces and tabs on each string before inserting into the file.
  • The script does not insert more strings/lines from clipboard than selected in file in column mode on starting the script.
  • The script never overwrites characters outside initial rectangular selection.
  • A thin column selection is made after the strings were inserted showing which lines were modified by the script.
It does not matter if block copied to clipboard was a rectangular selection or a standard text selection on copying the block into the clipboard.

This script can be downloaded from Macros & Scripts page being listed there with title Insert strings in selected columns from clipboard.