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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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The toolbar "Search Box" tool seems to have been removed in version 23.00. Is this true?
Being able to disable the ribbon is the only thing that has prevented my lifetime upgrade from being worthless, but everything has moved (menus and toolbars) and I cannot configure the menus or find the "Search box" in the toolbar configuration.
Hi, the main menu and the ribbon are equal so it is possible to customize the menu indirectly in the ribbon mode. You cannot remove existing default items, but you can add new groups (visible as a new sections in the modified menu) or create new tabs (visible as a new main menu items).

It seems to me that IDM reworked GUI and didn't implement this control yet. Try to write them a request, please.

Until then, Quick Find is probably the closest replacement for Search Box. You can use this little trick to activate Quick Find and classic Find at the same time:

  • (optional) I suggest to set hotkeys for Find to CTRL+F and Quick Find to SHIFT+CTRL+I. The default setting is not optimal for me.
  • Dock Find and set auto-hide ON (unpin the Find window).
  • Invoke Quick Find
  • Set auto-hide OFF (pin the Find window).
Now you can use both of them together as long as you don't press CTRL+F (CTRL+R, ...) which cancels Quick Find.
I know it is not ideal, but I have no other idea.

PS: See also Quick Find versus Find and how to customize the usage of both (Ctrl+F behavior)
fleggy wrote: Try to write them a request, please.

I've already done it. I'm awaiting for the reply from them.
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Hi all, hallo Mofi :)

Sorry if I write some words in German here, but I'm using the German versions now for so long, have no idea anymore, how some things are called in the English version ... :roll:

I changed to UltraEdit for Windows v23.00 today. Trying to get some kind of button layout, I'm used to (using the "Modus Symbolleisten/Menü") I looked for the small drop down for the search history (called "Suchfeld" when customizing), but couldn't find it.

Is this gone in UltraEdit for Windows v23.00 or did it get a new name or I'm just too blind not to find it?

Greetings from Austria

PS: Just for curiosity: "Ausgangsseite" seems to be a bit odd translation for this menu item. What is the original one in English?
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FoTo50, read above about Search Box (German Suchfeld) and send also a feature request email to IDM support. The more request this toolbar item back (perhaps not working in ribbon mode), the higher becomes the priority.

Ausgangsseite is definitely not a good translation. I suppose meant is menu Home which should be translated to German with Start as Microsoft has done it in German Office. I reported this to IDM support by email. Reply by IDM: Ausgangsseite will be replaced by Start in one of the next German UltraEdit releases.
Best regards from Austria
I just upgraded and I am trying to duplicate my old toolbar. One item that I cannot find to put in it is the Combo Find. The tb1 file from my old configuration shows it in the Main toolbar as "WC 100 ID_TB_COMBO_FIND".

I know I can get similar functionality with a "CTRL + F", but I find it awkward and frustrating, as I use Find constantly.

Also, how do I edit a button image to swap it out for a different one?
The search box is available again with UE v23.00.0.56.

After update from UE v23.00.0.42 or v23.00.0.43 right click on the toolbar, left click on Customize, select on left side Search String to Find which was in later versions renamed to Miscellaneous, and drag & drop from right side Search string to find element into your toolbar wherever wanted.

The width is not yet customizable in v23.00.0.56. I suggested during testing this re-implemented feature with private user verification builds of UltraEdit to add an appropriate setting for the width in configuration either at Search - Advanced or at Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous which would be easier to implement than directly in the toolbar customization dialog where the width could be set in UE v22.20.
Best regards from Austria
The search box is back, but is behaving slightly differently to before, when used in conjunction with F3 (Find Next). In older versions, I would highlight a string and press F3, this would put the highlighted string into the search box and find the next instance of this string. Now, pressing F3 does not change what's in the search box, and it finds the string in the search box, not the highlighted text. The only way I can get around this is to highlight the string in my file, copy it, paste it into the search box, then press F3.
Paul, do you have enabled Find next/prev finds selected text (not last searched for text) at Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Search - Miscellaneous? And is in regular Find window the option Regular expressions not checked?
Best regards from Austria
Yes to both questions. I have a simple text file with the following words:

string text number string text string text number

In the search box I have typed "number" and when I press F3 it finds both instances of "number" in turn. If I highlight the word "string" and press F3, it still searches for "number". If I change the contents of the search box to "string" and press F3, it finds each "string" in turn. What's also slightly odd is that when I press F3, the contents of the search box briefly change back to the previous search, i.e. for this example it flashes up "number" for about half a second before changing back to "string".
Paul, you are absolutely right. The command Find Next of UE v23.00.0.56 with selected text does not work as configured after a Find executed via the Search Box. In UE v22.20.0.49 it works as expected with same configuration.

But this issue is fixed already in UE v23.00.0.59 released on 2016-03-30. Please update.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks Mofi, I can confirm it's working as expected now.
UltraEdit for Windows v23.10.0.3 and UEStudio v16.20.0.6 introduced Address box width and Find box width configuration settings available at Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous to customize width of find box and width of address bar in toolbar in pixels.

Note: The open address bar is available in toolbar customization dialog of UE v23.10.0.3 and UES v16.20.0.6 and later versions, see Quick Open Address Bar: How to enable and set the width?
Best regards from Austria
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