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I am from Germany and I try to build a regular expression to find and replace in text with the "German Umlaute" äüöß

Example text:

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Hier ist es wunderbar und Klaus will noch bleiben!
Hier ist es schön und Biggi will bleiben!
Hier ist es häßlich und Rainer will gehen!

Now I will search and replace in the text and keep the fourth word with this regular expression:

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Hier ist es  ^([a-z]+^) und ^([a-z]+^)!

This does not work because the fourth word contains German umlauts. How can I fix it?

Greetings from Germany
With UltraEdit or Unix regular expression simply use [a-zäöüß]+ instead of [a-z]+ in search string of a case-insensitive search. And with Perl regular expression use [[:alpha:]]+ instead of [a-z]+ to find 1 or more alphabetic characters according to Unicode. See also Regex to find words with at least 1 alphabetic and 1 digit?
Best regards from Austria
Hi Mofi,
Thank u very much for your answer. It works.
And it is logic. Next time I will think before I ask stupid questions ... :-))))

Greetings from Germany
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