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Display customization and font issues
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I like the Document Map list a lot but what strikes me is that I'm not able to alter its width: It immediately jumps back to its very default width (130 pixels) if I try to resize it with the mouse.

I know I can force another width in the INI file (DocMap Width=300) and it shows up fine after the next start. But don't you dare to resize it by mouse! It will revert back to 130 pixels :evil:

Any chance I'm just doing something wrong instead of stumbling over a silly bug (will report to IDM in that case)?
Well, after playing with Document Map now, it looks like the Document Map is resizable in width in range between 18 and 130 pixels.

I suppose the manual change of the pixel value in INI file of UltraEdit while no instance of UE was running without an automatic correction to internal maximum of 130 pixels after startup is the real bug here.

I suggest to report to IDM support by email that the minimum and maximum width of Document Map is not checked after loading the value from INI file (or registry) with automatic correction and additionally request a larger maximum value useful especially on high resolution screens (UHD).
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for your confirmation and the additional information (I never tried to make the docmap even smaller)! Will send message to IDM support right away.
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