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<p>Agassiz, Louis, 1840, Etudes sur les glaciers: Neuchatel, privately published, 346 p.</p>
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I am looking for a regex find which will find me only the strings "<p>...<p>" inside which there is no "</p>" tag present.

I'm using the Perl expression "<p>.*(?<!</p>)?<p>" which partially does the job, but it doesn't find the multi-line string even after adding "(?s)" before the expression

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<p>Dana, J. D., 1863, Manual of geology: Philadelphia, Theodore Bliss & Co., 1st ed., 798 p.

And it also doesn't work properly on the string

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<p>—1883, Terminal moraine<p> of the second <p>

where I want it to find "<p>—1883, Terminal moraine<p>" and "<p> of the second <p>" separately and not the total.

Can anyone help me on this :|
The Perl regular expression search string (?s)<p\b(?:.(?!</p>)(?!<p\b))+.(?:</p>)? finds paragraphs with or without </p> at end.

The Perl regular expression search string (?s)<p\b(?:.(?!</p>)(?!<p\b))+.(?=<p\b) is the one you need to find a paragraph without an end tag before start tag of next paragraph is in file.

(?s) ... . matches also newline characters.

<p\b ... a paragraph start tag with or without attributes. Character p must be a complete word verified by \b (word boundary).

(?:...)+ ... the expression in this non marking group must be applied 1 or more times.

.(?!</p>)(?!<p\b) ... find any character where next to this character is whether a paragraph end tag or a new paragraph start tag verified by two non matching negative lookaheads.

. ... the last character before paragraph end / start tag must be additionally matched in any case.

On first search string only:

(?:</p>)? ... match also the end tag if being optionally found next.

On second search string only:

(?=<p\b) ... the entire search is only positive if after last character of paragraph there is a paragraph start tag verified by a non matching positive lookahead.
Best regards from Austria
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