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I am using UltraEdit on a Mac and cannot figure out how to add wordfiles.

I find that UE is installed in my Applications folder and that if I right-click on the app and "Show Package Contents" I can locate the word files in Contents/Resources/wordfiles. I copy my .uew file there, restart UE but the file does not show up in the list.

What do I need to do to get the new wordfile to load?

Thanks in advance!

I don't have a Mac and therefore don't use UltraEdit for Mac. But I suppose that what I have written in Readme for the Syntax Highlighting forum is also true for UEX and UEM. The wordfiles subdirectory in application directory is for the installer, the wordfiles subdirectory in user's home directory is for what is really used by UltraEdit.

See Wordfile storage on Linux (CentOs) because the information for UE for Linux are better for UE for Mac than those for UE for Windows.
Best regards from Austria
I'm using UE Version: under El Capitan on a Mac Pro 2013 Trashcan.
I've downloaded a wordfile for Arduino from ... files.html

The file name is arduino.uew (surprise!).

Just by inspection I can see that there are two places where wordfiles occur:

/Users/andy/Library/Application Support/UltraEdit/wordfiles/arduino.uew

I've put copies of the file in both places and restarted UE (several times) but I do not see the arduino file being presented when I use View As (Highlighting....).

I've done numerous Google searches but there doesn't seem to be anything else I need to do.

Is this is a known bug, please? Or is there indeed some ritual I have failed to do? For example, do I have to sacrifice a goat or something to make it work? (I used to use Windows and I went through a lot of goats...) :wink:

There is not the name of the wordfile displayed in View As submenu. The menu item has the name of the syntax highlighting language defined in the user contributed wordfile arduino.uew. The syntax highlighting language names is defined in first line of the wordfile after /L20 in double quotes. Wordfile arduino.uew defines PDE/INO as language name. So look for that name in View As submenu. Of course the language name can be changed for example to Arduino if you think that is a better language name.

UltraEdit for Windows has in configuration (settings/preferences) the tree item Editor Display with subitem Syntax Highlighting. There the user can define the directory for the *.uew files and there is also displayed the currently used directory. So if UltraEdit for Mac has also a syntax highlighting preferences dialog which I don't know as not using UEM (don't have a Mac), look in this dialog if there is the directory path displayed to know where UEM is searching for *.uew files.
Best regards from Austria

Here is what worked for me on the Mac:

  • Navigate to UltraEdit > Preferences > Display > Syntax Highlighting

  • Click "open" to open one of the existing files.

    Note that the file is located here:

    /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/UltraEdit/wordfiles

  • Copied my files here and they are working.
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