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Display customization and font issues
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Would be helpful to have a cross reference where things were to where they are now. Some of them are not logical or intuitive and it takes a while to figure them out assuming you have the time and don't actually need to get something done. Of course you have to assume you remember what it was called before. Some are not necessarily called what you think they are.

Example: Conversion.
Used to be under File ... makes sense you are converting the format of the file, but it is not there anymore. Format? Nope ... Layout? Nope ... found it under Advanced! Doesn't make sense to be under there. What makes it advanced rather than a file function.

Example: Toggle-Word wrap
I knew what it did, but when I looked for help for "word wrap" and there is no toggle listed. Found Word Wrap/Tab Settings, but that is to convert the document. Button found under edit group Word Wrap, not Toggle Word Wrap.

Also, seems simple, but how do you see what version of UE you are using without going to package installs to look. There doesn't seem to be an about button on the toolbar. (Didn't bother looking at the ribbon.)
About at bottom of ribbon tab File or Support - About on right side of ribbon bar for version info.
IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. has not created any commands reference guide until now.

My question: Who has requested by email to IDM support such a commands reference guide for UE v22.20 versus UE v23.00?

I have not yet requested such a commands reference guide or conversion chart.
Best regards from Austria
Has anyone created a mapping of the UE 23 ribbon bar to the UE 22 menus?

I was originally happy to hear of the move to the ribbon bar as some of the menus were getting rather long. However now I have had trouble finding features from the past. It almost looked like features were removed (I know they were not). In searching the help it did not look like the help was fully updated.

I was hoping IDM would have released a nice mapping document showing what moved to where.... Even the fall back of menus is not the same menu structure from previous versions of UE.

The ribbon bar seems to have the feel of the MS Office Ribbon Bar of MS Office 2007 as opposed to Office 2013/2016 that has a bit more definition to it and got rid of that crazy ORB you click on (same as the UE globe on the far left). If they were going to the trouble of going to the ribbon interface they should have followed the more modern Office style. I actually like the ribbon if done right.

I will be sharing this with IDM support, but wanted to ask here about the mapping document etc as I bet IDM does not have anything to share as they would have put it out.


Right click on ribbon and left click in context menu on submenu Toolbar/menu mode on submenu item Traditional menus and the well known and in my point of view much faster to use menu structure is back, of course with new commands like JSON manager in View - Views/lists in comparison to UE for Windows v22.20.

Please note that by default only the Main toolbar is visible, but via View - Views/lists - Toolbars the visibility of the other toolbars can be toggled, too.

This GUI mode also needs less vertical space which means the vertical space for the document windows (files) is greater than in ribbon mode.

Traditional menus are not available in UltraEdit for Windows v23.00 + v23.10 and UEStudio v16.00 + v16.10.
Best regards from Austria
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