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Display customization and font issues
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Today I had to change a line in a remote file, something I do daily. This time I ran into a problem: sometime in the previous 24 hours the Configuration Management shop had changed permissions to read/execute for all of the files in the directory. So when I went to save the modified file back to the remote server, it didn't actually happen due to the write permission being removed.

However, the line change indicators on the side of the editor window changed to the saved color green. With my output window normally in the tabbed state I never saw that the FTP save attempt failed. Only the file change marker on the file tab remained red; lucky for me I saw that and then I opened the output window. UE displayed Upload Failed in bright red letters in the output window in addition to the FTP server message. So while aware of an error in parts of UE (Output Window, File Tab) another part UE still changed the color of the line change indicators. This is not ideal behavior.

Windows 7 Enterprise, UE (waiting on UE 23 to stabilize before we upgrade)
Well, I agree to everything you wrote. This is indeed an issue which needs to be investigated by a developer of UltraEdit and fixed in a future release. Please report this issue by email to IDM support. When upload of a file to FTP server failed and there is no local backup which could be saved successfully, the file should not be handled as being saved and therefore the line change indicators should still indicate the modified lines as not saved.
Best regards from Austria
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