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Display customization and font issues
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Hello IDM Computer Solutions Forum!

I have just upgraded a day or two ago to version It's nice. I like it a lot. It's going to take some re-learning.

Question: What is the proper way of moving icons on the toolbar?

I unchecked the Find Text, Find Previous, and Find Next this menu: Add or Remove Buttons -> Main

That removed them from the toolbar.

Then I went to: Add or Remove Buttons -> Customize and added them to the toolbar at a different location.

Now when I click Add or Remove Buttons -> Main the Find Text, Find Previous, and Find Next set of icons are on there twice. One set is checked. The other set is unchecked. How can I remove the set that is unchecked?

Thank you in advance.
KnoxVol, could you please describe step by step how you customized

  • a ribbon tab/group
  • a toolbar?
I could not follow your instructions whether in ribbon nor in toolbar customization dialog of UE v23.10.0.1 and it looks like also nobody else in the last 2 months.
Best regards from Austria
I can reproduce this in UE 64-bit Windows 7.

  • In Toolbar/Menu mode, click the dropdown arrow to the right of any toolbar.
  • Select Add or Remove Buttons from the dropdown.
  • Select any toolbar that you have open and uncheck any one of the buttons to hide it in the toolbar.
  • Again click the dropdown arrow to the right of any toolbar.
  • Select Add or Remove Buttons from the dropdown.
  • Select Customize...
  • Find the button that you previously unchecked and drag it to the same toolbar.
  • Close the Customize dialog.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of any toolbar.
  • Select Add or Remove Buttons from the dropdown.
  • Select the same toolbar where you added the button, and you will see the button in the list twice, one checked and one unchecked.
Note that when you have the Customize dialog open, you can move existing buttons to different positions by dragging them, which is the answer to KnoxVol's original question.

Edit: I found out by trial and error that you can get rid of the duplicate unchecked entry in the button list by first checking it, so that you have two identical icons in the toolbar. Then open the Customize dialog and drag one of them off the toolbar.
Evergreen, thank your for your step by step instructions. I could reproduce the issue also with English 32-bit UE v23.10.0.1.

I have never noticed before the menu opened on clicking on down arrow on right side of the toolbar. I have opened always the context menu of the toolbar/ribbon and clicked on Customize item.

It looks like Add or Remove Buttons is the wrong term for this feature as it just hides/unhides commands (symbols/icons) from the toolbar. It is necessary to use the customization feature and drag & drop a command from the customization dialog to the toolbar to add it and drag & drop an icon from toolbar to somewhere outside to remove it from the toolbar.

And I have noticed also that Find & replace as it exists by default in list opened with Add or Remove Buttons - Main is named just Find replace after adding this command to the toolbar from customization dialog using drag & drop, closing customization dialog, and opening once again toolbar commands list via Add or Remove Buttons - Main.

I have reported both issues by email to IDM support, the wrong term Add or Remove Buttons and the different names for command Find & replace.

Evergreen, you are also right with the solution for this issue. The unchecked (hidden) commands must be checked to get them displayed again in the toolbar, next the customization dialog must be opened by right clicking on the toolbar and left clicking on the customization menu item in context menu of the toolbar, and last the unwanted duplicates must be removed from the toolbar with drag & drop method.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you for writing IDM, Mofi. It would be interesting to know how many people actually use the feature of hiding buttons without removing them from the toolbar. Everything would be much simpler without it, with all changes to the toolbar handled by the Customize dialog.
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