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Display customization and font issues
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I can't figure out how to place a individual user tool ("User Tool 1", "User Tool 2", etc.) directly in a ribbon. Now I just manage to place the menu "User Tools" (see picture) in a ribbon.

Any way to do that?

UERibbon.jpg (82.5 KiB) Viewed 686 times

Regards Johan
Get into the ribbon customization dialog by right clicking on the ribbon and selecting Customize. Decide which tab/category you want to add your user tools to from the customization dialog, place the cursor on that and then click New Group. It will be added with the name "New Group (custom)". You can click on it and then select Rename to give it a meaningful name. Then click on the new group you've just added, and on the left side from the drop down, select All Commands. Scroll through to find the user tools you've defined, and for each one you want click on it, and then click the Add button to add it to your new group. When done, click OK and your user tools should appear on the ribbon.


Hi Frank and thanks for quick answer.

The problem is that I can't choose any individual user tools ("User tool 1", "User tool 2", etc). Only the "user tools" menu, see first picture. I don't know how to find them?

UEOptions.jpg (143.33 KiB) Viewed 676 times

Note if I choose "Toolbar/Menu Mode" then I can add a individual user tool by choosing the category "All Commands", see second picture.

UEOptions2.jpg (50.47 KiB) Viewed 676 times

Regards Johan
Johan, the user tools are NOT listed as User tool X in the commands list of Customize Ribbon window.

The commands list contains just the user tools already configured by you with Menu item name defined in the tool configuration dialog window.

Therefore select Commands not in the Ribbon in Customize Ribbon window and look for the user tools with the name you have given them.

See also How to get user tool with custom name to ribbon/menu/toolbar?
Best regards from Austria
Found them, many thanks Mofi.

Regards Johan
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