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Display customization and font issues
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I have been using UltraEdit for many years. Currently using version Last week I changed something by mistake in UltraEdit and now I cannot use Alt Tab to toggle from UltraEdit to other applications. Also, if I try to click on another "active" windows application at the bottom of my screen while in UltraEdit, it will not minimize UltraEdit and go to that application. I must click on minimize in UltraEdit in order to get out to my other Windows applications.

This is only happening while I have the UltraEdit window "active". If I am in other applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, etc, I can toggle between applications fine. I even uninstalled and reinstalled UltraEdit and I'm still having the same problem. Any advice is appreciated.
You have enabled Always on Top in menu View and UltraEdit window is additionally maximized. Click on this menu item to disable this view option. The active application is changed by Alt+Tab, but because of maximized UltraEdit window being displayed always on top of all other windows, you can't see the window of the application you switched to.
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Thanks very much for your response. It makes sense, however, when I go to the View menu in UltraEdit, I do not see the option "Always on Top".
Could it possibly be somewhere else in my version of UE?
I've attached a file with a screen shot of the View menu in my UE.


You are using the environment Notepad Replacement. Click in menu View on Environments and choose Power User. Then you see a much larger View menu with Always On Top near bottom of the menu.
Best regards from Austria
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