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There is a 1 and next two horizontal tabs in 3000 lines.

The caret is blinking at top of the file. The sum displayed on using Column - Sum Columns/Selection after pressing Ctrl+End to select everything to end of file is 3000 which is correct.

But making the same selection from top to end of file using the mouse, the sum output by Sum Columns/Selection is 202 which is of course wrong.

Correct sum 3000 on making the selection with keyboard.
ok.png (222.91 KiB) Viewed 1111 times

Wrong sum 202 on making the selection with mouse.
Wrong.png (220.04 KiB) Viewed 1111 times
I could reproduce this issue with English 32-bit UE v22.20.0.49 on Windows XP SP3 x86 today and I reported it by email to IDM support.

The wrong sum was in my tests never 202 on having made the selection with mouse. It was most often 1800. But it was never the correct value 3000 independent on using normal or column mode and independent on which method was used to make the selection with mouse.

The sum was always correct when making the selection with keyboard.

Interesting to watch was also what the document map and the document window displayed in various use cases and using vertical scroll bar or the document map itself to display different positions in file after having made the selection with mouse from top to bottom or from bottom to top of file in normal and column mode using Shift+Click selection method (fast) or pressing and holding primary mouse button and moving mouse pointer over status bar or toolbar to scroll and expand selection (slow).

And I get also wrong sum on making the selection with command Edit - Select Range and entering for Line the values 1 and 3000 and for Column the values 1 and 16.

But if this wrong sum behavior occurs or not depends on the commands executed before on active file. In most cases the sum is correct even when selection was made with mouse or with command Select Range.
Best regards from Austria
Danke, für die Bestätigung des Problems.

Wir konnten das Problem unter Windows 7 x64 mit den Versionen 22.x.x.x und 23.x.x.x reproduzieren.

In der Version 19.x.x.x kommt immer das richtige Ergebnis (3000) raus.
This issue is fixed with UE v23.10.0.1 and UES v16.10.0.01.
Best regards from Austria
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