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Display customization and font issues
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What is the shortcut key for hiding/unhiding the ribbon?

Sweet! Thanks!

this does not work here. Is there another choice?

Thanks in advance, regards
Ctrl+F1 is a Microsoft standard hotkey to toggle visibility of ribbon bar. This key works also in Microsoft Office applications. There is no possibility to customize this key.

So if Ctrl+F1 does not work here (whatever this means) to toggle visibility of the ribbon, then most likely you assigned Ctrl+F1 to a command in key mapping configuration of UltraEdit. Open Advanced - Settings - Key Mapping, set input focus to Press new (multi-key) and press Ctrl+F1. If below in field Current assignment a command is displayed, you know the command on which you have to remove the Ctrl+F1 key assignment.

Otherwise press Ctrl+F1 in any Microsoft application having a ribbon. Does Ctrl+F1 toggle the visibility of the ribbon? No, another process running in background captures Ctrl+F1, for example a utility of the video adapter or a special keyboard utility, or Ctrl+F1 is defined in a shortcut file (*.lnk) to start an application, etc.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the hints.

With the phrase "here" I wanted to point to my system configuration at my PC, here at work. This is Win 7 Pro (64-bit).

I tried to get an actual relation of this Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-F1) as you did describe. There is none.

I found a solution for me in simply right click next the button bar or the menu bar, in the emerging context menu I can switch the setting.

I have to add something. If the ribbon is on, then Ctrl-F1 works to switch it off and on again. This shortcut does only not work if I use the Toolbar / Menu Mode (menu and button bar).

Regards and have a nice weekend.
Please note for the future that ribbon GUI mode and toolbar / menu GUI mode are two completely different modes. So please be always precise on asking GUI related questions and add always

  1. version of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) with processor architecture (x86 or x64),
  2. theme used on Windows (Aero, XP, Classic),
  3. version of UltraEdit (vxx.yy.0.zz) with processor architecture (32-bit or 64-bit),
  4. theme used in UltraEdit (Slate, Classic, Sterling, ...),
  5. ribbon mode or toolbar / menu mode.
In Commands list of Key Mapping configuration dialog of 32-bit UE v23.00.0.59 there is the command Toolbar1 with description Show or hide the toolbar. There is also Status Bar to Show or hide the status bar. I can't see in the list a command to show or hide the main menu bar. But there is the command Full Screen Mode which hides main menu, toolbar(s) and all views (except document map). The command Full screen is also in menu View (at bottom) and on ribbon tab View (on right side).
Best regards from Austria
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