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Display customization and font issues
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While I was going through re-doing my toolboxes. (I noticed that the toolbox totally changed due to new icons, etc.)

I found a couple things:

1) There doesn't seem to be an icon for "Synch Scrolling". So the toolbox item uses text which kind of stinks. Should I report this directly or is this already a "known issue"?

2) I see that there are lots of "View As Language X" but I really miss the single "View as Language" that pops the sub menu - am I missing where that "lives" or is this something I should also make a request to support / suggestion directly?

-- The Digital Sorceress
The View As Language pop up menu is available again with UE v23.00.0.56.

After update from UE v23.00.0.42 or v23.00.0.43 right click on the toolbar, left click on Customize, select on left side View As and drag & drop View As from right side into your toolbar wherever wanted.

Command Sync scrolling still does not have an icon in UE v23.00.0.56.

BTW: The syntax highlighting language to apply on active file can be also selected in status bar at bottom of UltraEdit main window since UE for Windows v19.00, except the basic status bar is explicitly enabled in configuration.
Best regards from Austria
The command Sync scrolling has an icon in UE v23.10.0.1 for Toolbar/Menu Mode. This command is a check box item in Ribbon Mode available by default on tab Window in group Arrange.
Best regards from Austria
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