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Display customization and font issues
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Hello all,

I recently had a problem (not related to UE) with an UTF-8 file. On this occasion I realized that UEs status bar does not show whether an UTF-8 file has a BOM or not. In other words: UE shows every UTF-8 file simply as "UTF-8" independent on having a BOM or not. In my case other editors show my test file correctly as "UTF-8 with BOM".

I know UEs configuration settings, of course, where I can define whether newly created UTF-8 files should be saved with BOM or not. But in this case I only want to load an already existing UTF-8 file and I'd like to see a "with/without BOM" info in the status bar.

Is this a bug respectively is it possible to configure that somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any hint,


It is not a bug that no BOM information is displayed in status bar of UE v23.00.0.43 and there is also no configuration setting to show/hide information about existence of byte order mark in active file.

I suppose that an indication about active UTF encoded file (UTF-8 or UTF-16) is with or without BOM in status bar was not requested by enough users by email to IDM support to get it implemented in UltraEdit. Therefore I can only suggest to send a feature request email to IDM support. The more users request this enhancement the higher becomes the priority for implementation.
Best regards from Austria
Mofi wrote: Therefore I can only suggest to send a feature request email to IDM support.

Thanks! Okay, I'll do that.
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