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it's an UE bug or is it my bug?

How to reproduce it:

Create two files, each with only one line. The first file is

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and the 2nd is

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Now I use a Perl regular expression and search for .*test.* and checked the check box to search in all open files. When pressing F3 to search again I get an error that the regular expression contains syntax errors.

What I am doing wrong?
I could reproduce this issue with 32-bit UE v23.00.00.56 and also with UE v22.20.0.49.

Perl regular expression search string .*test.* results in matching entire lines containing the word test without matching the newline characters because .* matches 0 or more occurrences of any character except newline characters greedy. Therefore found and selected is (test and test).

By default Find next/prev finds selected text (not last searched for text) is enabled Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Search Miscellaneous. The help describes this option with:

UE help wrote: If this option is selected the editor will find the selected text when a FIND NEXT/PREVIOUS command is performed instead of the previous search string UNLESS the Regular Expressions option is selected.

The bug is that although the Regular expressions option is currently enabled, UltraEdit uses on F3 not the search string .*test.*, but found and selected ( test or test) which is indeed an invalid Perl regular expression search string.

Please report this issue to IDM support by email. I have done the same after having found out that this issue exists since UltraEdit for Windows v17.00.0.1025, but does not exist in former versions.

The workaround is unchecking option Close after find to keep the regular Find window opened and use button Next to run this Perl regular expression search in all open files.
Best regards from Austria
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