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While using the tag list to apply a tag on the selected content, the tag selected after insert is always the first one in tag list (specific to UEStudio v11).

How to prevent this? I mean not selecting the first one in the tag list and instead retain at the last selected tag name in the tag list.

Could you please help me on this issue?
On double clicking an item in Tag List or pressing key RETURN after having selected an item in tag list (by key or with pointing device) the tag is inserted around selected text, if something is selected in active file, and the item in tag list view is still selected making it possible to insert it once again around still selected text which of course does most often not make sense. I verified this with latest version of UltraEdit being available for Windows XP which is v22.20.0.49. You should think about an upgrade (of Windows and UltraEdit / UEStudio) if the version of UE or UES used by you shows a different behavior which can't be solved by the user.
Best regards from Austria
Hi Mofi

See my attached photos explaining the issue step by step for your better understanding.


I still don't know which version of UEStudio you use. I restored UEStudio v11.00.0.1011 from an archive, opened the tag list view, entered into the new file several words, selected one word, and double clicked on heading 2 in the tag list with HTML tags. The behavior is exactly as I already wrote in my previous post. The double clicked tag was still the selected tag in tag list. Also applying the tag on selected text with keyboard keeps the selected tag. There is no scroll up to first tag in tag list. In other words, I can't reproduce the issue you have on your computer with UES v11.00.0.1011. Therefore I have no solution for your problem as it does not occur on my computer.

It looks like you are writing web pages. So I was astonished to see that you captured your screen with PrtScr (entire desktop) instead of Alt+PrtScr (just active window). There are also free applications like IrfanView or HardCopy making it very easy to define which part of screen should be captured (all monitors, active monitor, foreground window, just client area of foreground window, user defined rectangle, object/window selected by mouse, fixed rectangle on screen). And a web page writer should also know the advantages and disadvantages of the common image formats for web pages: JPEG and PNG. PNG supports true color images like JPEG, but uses a lossless compression (no pixel noise as JPEG produces on lossy compression) and produces in general for screen shots with large areas with same color and regular image patterns (the text) smaller files than JPEG. PNG was designed preliminary for web pages and is an image format supported by all applications being able to create or just display images. PNG is used for graphics, JPEG for photos. Next time use for your screen shots Alt+PrtScr and save as PNG file.
Best regards from Austria
It looks like nobody else have this problem. So the reason for this problem on your computer must be the way how you are inserting a tag around a selected text, or your UEStudio configuration, or your tag list file, or something other running on your computer which causes selecting first tag in tag list after inserting a tag.

I suggest to do following:

  1. Close the project if there is one opened at the moment. Then close all files if there are some still open.
  2. Open Advanced - Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous and click on button Clear History and next on button Cancel.
  3. Exit UEStudio.
  4. Open in Windows Explorer %APPDATA%\IDMComp by copying and pasting this string into address bar of Explorer and hitting key RETURN to open this directory.
  5. Compress the directory UEStudio with ZIP or RAR to a *.zip or *.rar archive file.
  6. If the tag list file used by you is not taglist.uet in this directory, add the tag list file used by you also to *.zip or *.rar archive file.
  7. Post a reply explaining step by step with words how you insert a tag around a selected text (double click with mouse or using keyboard or ...) and attach the created ZIP or RAR archive file to your post.
Then I could try the same with your configuration files and see if I can reproduce the unwanted behavior. When I would fail to reproduce the issue with your configuration, then another process running on your computer is responsible for selecting first item in tag list view and not UEStudio.
Best regards from Austria
When I use tag list, always tag label focus goes up to the top in UEStudio

top.png (19.64 KiB) Viewed 803 times

I want when open tag list, always be the focus of the last used tag.

last.png (19.09 KiB) Viewed 803 times

Please help me. How can I configure my UEStudio to focus on last used tag on tag list like UltraEdit v14.10.0.1018.
Dear Mofi

Please see my attached "UEStudio.rar" and my tag-list "Rajesh_EPUB.uet" for your instruction.
I am waiting for your valuable concern.



I did following:

  1. Restored UES v11.00.0.1011 on my Windows XP SP3 x86 computer with Windows Classic theme set and all visual effects disabled for maximum performance.
  2. Renamed my UEStudio directory in %APPDATA%\IDMComp and extracted your archive into this directory.
  3. Started UEStudio and selected in Modify Tags dialog the file Rajesh_EPUB.uet.
  4. Selected tag list group GePub as in your screenshots.
  5. Entered into the new file in first line AAA and in second line BB and selected AAA in first line.
  6. Double clicked in tag list on H2><h2>
The result was:

  • AAA was modified to <h2>AAA</h2> and AAA was still selected.
  • The input focus was set to the document window as indicated by the thin blue line at top of the file tab.
  • But in comparison to what you recorded, in tag list view was still selected H2><h2> although the tag list view did not have anymore the input focus.
Then I did following:

  1. Closed the tag list view by clicking on its X symbol
  2. Pressed Ctrl+Z to undo inserting the H2 tags.
  3. Reselected AAA.
  4. Pressed Ctrl+F8 to open the tag list view again.
  5. Pressed key DOWN ARROW and next key H to select H2><h2> and pressed key RETURN.
The result was:

  • AAA was modified to <h2>AAA</h2> and AAA was still selected.
  • The input focus remained in the tag list view which is different to inserting the tag with a double click on the tag.
  • But in comparison to what you recorded, in tag list view was still selected H2><h2> and therefore I could press key RETURN a second time to insert once again <h2> and </h2> again around still selected AAA.

That the first item in tag list view is selected on your PC on inserting a tag is not caused by code of UEStudio and not caused by a configuration setting. It is most likely caused by a process running in background on your machine or a Windows setting. But getting first item in tag list view after inserting a tag by mouse or keyboard is definitely not done by UEStudio v11.00.0.1011. I can't help you to solve this issue as I would need access on your machine to find out which process running in background is responsible for the behavior you see and which I can't reproduce on my computer with same UEStudio as you and with same UEStudio configuration.

After closing or auto-hiding the tag list view in UltraEdit or UEStudio and re-open it, always the first item in active tag group is selected by default. This is the case for all versions of UltraEdit up to currently latest v23.00 and also all versions of UEStudio up to currently latest UES v16.00. In other words UE/UES remembers only which tag list group was last selected (stored in tag list file itself) and reselects this group on re-opening the tag list, but not which tag in this group was last selected.

So if you want that a future version of UE/UES remembers also the last selected tag in active tag list group and reselects this tag again on opening the tag list view, I can only suggest to send an enhancement request by email to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
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