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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I'm pretty new to UltraCompare, so I don't know if what I want is possible.

I have 3 folders (A, B & C) and I want to compare them. I want to merge only those files from folder A that aren't present in neither folder B or C into folder C.

Is there a way of only showing the files as described in the comparison?

Greetings Zotteken
Yes, this is possible.

Folder B must be selected in left pane. Folder A must be selected in middle pane. And folder C must be selected in right pane.

Before or after non-recursive 3-way folder comparison uncheck on Filters & Legends view the items:

  • Show equal files
  • Show different files
  • Show common files
So there is only Show unique unique files checked. UC compares left folder with middle folder and middle folder with right folder. You should see now only the files which exist in folder A in the middle pane.

Select in middle pane all files, right click into middle pane and left click on Merge Second To Third which copies the unique files in folder A to folder C.
Best regards from Austria

This was very helpful & worked like a charm.
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