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I have just installed UltraEdit on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit.

I have created a project and I try to search text using the method "Project Files".

I doesn't work with the 2 methods of project : Group Folder and Folder.

It works searching directly inside a folder.

Someone have a solution?

Thanks in advance

What happens if

  1. a project is opened,
  2. Project Files selected in Find in Files,
  3. string to find is an empty string, i.e. no string to find.
This Find in Files should result in listing all project files according to project settings at least on Windows. I'm not using UEX, just UltraEdit for Windows.
Best regards from Austria

If I have the 3 conditions, nothing happens.

If I search a term that I'm sure to find in files, nothing happens.

If I search the same term in files in a folder, it works.

Do you see on tab Project of File View the project files listed at all?

I viewed the UEX power tip about Projects and according to the screenshots on this page you should see the project files listed on this tab in UEX.
Best regards from Austria

Thanks for your reply

Yes, all the files are in my project : see the picture (sorry, it's in French) :

Project files
project_files.png (84.77 KiB) Viewed 970 times

The search engine using the project files doesn't work with the generic Linux version, I think.

Okay, so the source of the problem must be searched definitely in Find in Files not working for Project Files on your system.

I can't help further as I'm not using UEX and don't have Ubuntu 10.04 to be able to test that by myself.

I suggest to contact IDM support by email regarding this issue if nobody else replies here with more information in the next days and depending on urgency for a fix of this issue. It looks like IDM support should be notified by you by email in any case to get knowledge about this issue.

Edit: The issue was fixed with of UltraEdit for Linux according to IDM support after being reported by a different user discovering a similar issue.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for all your replies.
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