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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I'd like to add a key mapping for moving a line up or down.
I see the Move Line Up / Down options under the Edit menu.
But when I go to the key mapping configuration, these aren't in the list of commands.
Is there anything I can do to set this up?
I'm on version 15.
For the current version of UE you can assign hotkeys to menu commands using the Configuration-> Key Mapping menu. The list of commands is not in alphabetical order and the menu the command is on is part of the name. So MoveLineUp shows as EditMoveLineUp because it is on the Edit menu.

I never used UE v15 so I don't know if you have that option. My office stayed on v9 for over 8 years before moving to v17 a few years ago.

Edit by Mofi: Also UE v15 has in commands list in key mapping configuration dialog the commands EditMoveLineUp and EditMoveLineDown.
I see them there. Thanks ... I really appreciate it.

I've been using that feature a lot in Eclipse and then found myself missing it in UE. It's a little quicker than cut/paste for short moves.
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