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Display customization and font issues
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I have a user tool that opens a command prompt on the folder of the active file.

Is there a way to add that tool the right-click menu of the file tab?

Right click on a file tab and left click in context menu on last item Customize Menu... to customize the file tab context menu. (This works at least in UltraEdit for Windows up to v22.20.0.49.)
Best regards from Austria
Mofi wrote: Right click on a file tab and left click in context menu on last item Customize Menu...

I don't have this item in context menu. How I can get it?

UE x64 / Windows 7 SP1
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
Ovg, you are right. There is no Customize Menu... context menu item anymore in UltraEdit for Windows v23.00 and v23.10, whether in context menu for main menu on using Toolbar/Menu Mode, nor in context menu of the File Tabs, nor in context menu of Edit windows (document/file windows). Also there is no Customization configuration dialog anymore in Advanced - Settings/Configuration in Toolbars / Menus with the button Customize popup menu as in UltraEdit for Windows prior v23.00.

Therefore there is only the possibility to edit the pop-up menu profile file containing the Edit and the File Tabs context menu directly using the following instructions:

  1. Select the ribbon tab Layout and click on left side on Layout triangle button to open the pop-up menu showing which layout is currently active.

    On using Toolbar/Menu Mode open in menu Layout the submenu Layout to get displayed which layout is currently active.

    The default layout is Lean after a new installation of English UltraEdit.

    For the other steps below I assume the currently active layout is Lean.

  2. Press Ctrl+O to open the File Open dialog and enter in file name edit field


    and press key RETURN to open this text file in UltraEdit.

  3. Scroll down to the line starting with LP "File Tabs" which marks the beginning of last pop-up menu on level 1 (most outer level) which is the context menu for the File Tabs.

    I think, I don't need to explain what M, P, S, LM and LP means because it can be easily seen.

  4. Wherever the user tool command should be inserted in context menu for the file tabs, insert the line

    Code: Select all
      M "Tool 1",                                     ID_TOOLUSER1

    whereby 1 in double quoted string and at end of the command ID must be replaced by the number of the user tool according to list order in user tool configuration dialog. The first tool at top of the list has the number 1, the second one has number 2, ...

    Don't type a different string than "Tool 1" as menu item name because UltraEdit replaces this text on displaying the context menu automatically by the configured name of the user tool.

  5. Save the modified pop-up profile file with Ctrl+S, close the file with Ctrl+F4 and exit UltraEdit with Alt+F4.

  6. Open the folder %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\ in Windows Explorer by copying this string into address bar of Windows Explorer and hitting key RETURN.

  7. Select file Lean.pb1. Press Ctrl+C to copy this file and paste it with Ctrl+V into the same directory.

    Next delete or rename uedit32.pb0 or uedit64.pb0 and rename the just created copy of Lean.pb1 to uedit32.pb0 or uedit64.pb0.

    There could be also a Lean1.pb1.bak depending on backup configuration in UltraEdit which can be deleted or renamed for example to Lean1.pb1_original.txt.

  8. Start UltraEdit and the manually modified File Tabs context menu becomes active with the user tool listed with its name in the context menu of the file tabs.
By the way: It might be a good idea for the future to use Manage Layouts and save the currently active layout with a new name like My Layout before doing all the steps above with My Layout.pb1 instead of Lean.pb1. Custom layouts are never overwritten on updates in future which of course means also that they are never updated automatically after running a new major version of UltraEdit the first time after upgrade installation finished.
Best regards from Austria
Mofi, thank you very much for such full clarification! I really appreciate it! I will try.

Thanks again, good luck!
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
Mofi, I have tried you solution - working fine! You are the rock! :D
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
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