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Display customization and font issues
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I understand how to create custom tools and how to specify an icon to display for those. But there are commands that do not have icons associated with them.

In my case I am looking to find out how I can add icons to commands like "Fold Lines", "No Highlighting", "User Clipboard x", "View as Language x", and "Windows Clipboard". If I add any of these to my custom toolbars they start with the full name in black text. I use a very dark theme so they are almost impossible to read. I have tried altering every color in a theme with "text" in the name to red and cannot seem to find the right one. If I right click the toolbar text and "Customize..." then right click again and select "Image" or "Image and Text" I get a dialog that looks to have the capability but it is all grayed out. The only things that can be used are "Text Only" and "Button Text".

UE_Buttons.png (27.21 KiB) Viewed 588 times

So is there a way to change the icons for these commands (preferred) or change the color of the text so they are visible (if no other choice).

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I have reported already on 2016-03-31 that the following commands don't have an icon in Toolbar/Menu Mode:

  • Enable tiling
  • Fold lines
  • No Highlighting
  • Show post macro record options
  • Sync scrolling
  • User Clipboard 1 - User Clipboard 9
  • View as Language 1 - View as Language 98
  • Warn on exit if macro not saved
  • Windows Clipboard
Sync scrolling has an icon since UE v23.10.0.1 as another user reported the same. But there are still no icons for the other commands being check boxes in ribbon mode.

I have three suggestions:

  1. Send also an email to IDM support with a report about missing icons for commands in toolbar/menu mode. The more users report an issue the higher becomes the priority for being fixed. The missing icon for those commands can't be worked around as far as I know.
  2. There is no real need for No Highlighting and View as Language X in a toolbar on using the default status bar (not the optional basic status bar) because the status bar at bottom of the main application window has a list item to select the syntax highlighting for active file.
  3. Hotkeys/chords could be assigned to those commands frequently used and not having an icon in toolbar/menu mode in UE for Windows v23.00.0.xx and UE v23.10.0.1 to activate them by key and don't add them to the toolbar.
Best regards from Austria
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