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Can I get a confirmation that the files in the user's /wordfiles/ directory are not strictly tested for the file type UEW?

I made an edit to html.uew, which resulted in another file named html.uew0. I then discovered two "View as language >" entries for HTML.

I moved the html.uew0 file out of that folder and the duplicate HTML menu item is no longer there.
Yes, that is true. UltraEdit is searching for *.uew files using the appropriate Windows kernel function FindFirstFile directly or indirectly via another Windows library function resulting in an IRP_MN_QUERY_DIRECTORY (QueryDirectory) call. This function returns a list of file names matching the pattern.

The problem is that this function includes also the short 8.3 file names on pattern search. And the short 8.3 file name of any file with more than 3 characters in file extension has the first 3 characters as file extension in short name. The short name of html.uew is HTML.UEW and the short name of html.uew0 is HTML~1.UEW.

This can be seen also on running dir *.uew in the wordfiles directory or better dir *.uew /X to get also the short name displayed. The same behavior can be observed with dir *.htm listing *.htm and *.html files or dir *.tif listing *.tif and *.tiff files.

UltraEdit like most other applications on Windows does not check if the file extension of each returned file name (always long name) really matches 100% the specified file extension in used search pattern. See also on Stack Overflow Why does FindFirst return file names that don't match the mask?
Best regards from Austria
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