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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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For SSH console, the text selection is like as the block selection in column mode. It's uncomfortable when I need to copy very long line of text such as SSH key. Because it will split a line into multiple lines as same as the console appearance. Could you please provide the text selection for normal mode like a commodity product such as putty or secureCRT on the next release?
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You are correct that there is no option to change the selection mode like there is in pUTTY. You are also correct that it would be useful to have.

However, this board is a user-to-user forum and is not monitored by IDM. To request a change or report a bug you must click on the link 'email us directly' at the top of the forum page.

If enough people request a change like you have asked for, IDM may add it. Understand that it may take a number of releases before a new feature gets added after it is approved.

I sent a request in to IDM just now. Please add your request.
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