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Is there a way in UltraFinder to look for 2 or more words that are not necessarily right beside each other. Separating by semicolon ; doesn't work

Example: When I go to my webpage online and I see column headers, 1 says location the other says agent. I have multiple pages none of them but 1 have both words. I can eventually find the file by just searching just the word "location" but if I could search for both the word "agent" and the word "location" then it would only give me the one page in my search.
I don't have UltraFinder installed to test it. But with the Perl regular expression search string


it is possible to search for location ... agent OR agent ... location with not too many characters between. The maximum number of characters between depends on available stack size, but up to 64 KB is definitely always possible.

More words with a Perl regular expression search is possible only when knowing the order of the words in the files.

I don't know if UltraFinder supports a file search with condition: Word1 AND Word2 AND WordX
Best regards from Austria
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