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Display customization and font issues
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Hi, I'm running UE At some point, the "List lines containing string feature" of the Find dialog box stopped working. I'm not exactly sure when. But the Find feature correctly identifies all the search strings, but there is no window which pops up containing all the results. The "Results to edit window" of the Find in Files tab seems to work OK. I've used the Recover Floating windows menu, but that did not resolve it.
By default the directory %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit contains the workspace file uedit32.in0 or uedit64.in0 depending on using 32-bit or 64-bit UltraEdit.

This file contains for the Find String List view the sections [Dockbars.002BasePane-33424] (visibility control) and [Dockbars.002Pane-33424] (floating or docked, auto-hide on/off, window position and window width/height for docked and floating window state).

While UltraEdit is not running open with Notepad the workspace file and delete entire section [Dockbars.002Pane-33424] because it looks like the window is floating below another window or is positioned on an extended screen but there is currently no second screen turned on.

Save the workspace file, exit Notepad, start UltraEdit, run a Find with List lines containing string and the window should appear docked at bottom of the main window with a height of just 5 pixels. The height must be increased to see the window title and the found lines.

Instead of deleting the entire section [Dockbars.002Pane-33424] it can be also replaced with the following block:

Code: Select all

This results with IsVisible=1 in section [Dockbars.002Pane-33424] in getting the window displayed after next start of UltraEdit docked at bottom with a useful height and floating state is also on primary screen with a useful height and width.
Best regards from Austria
This worked, thank you very much!
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