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Where can I get a wordfile for TypeScript?
On Downloads - Extras - Wordfiles there is a link to a user-contributed wordfile for TypoScript.

But it looks like no user has ever written a wordfile for TypeScript and sent it to IDM for uploading it on their server or contributed it via GitHub. And I could not find any UltraEdit wordfile for TypeScript anywhere else on world wide web. It looks like nobody has ever written one before and published it. So you need to create it by yourself if you really would like syntax highlighting for TypeScript files.
Best regards from Austria
I think the supplied javascript wordfile also supports typescript i.e. it recognises the .ts extension and seems to contain at least some of the typescript extensions.
Aha, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Thanks to netizensmith.

Yes, javascript.uew of UE v23.20 and UES v16.20 contains as an enhancement in comparison to previous versions file extension TS at end of first line.

Open Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Editor Display - Syntax Highlighting, select language JavaScript, click on button Open and next on button Cancel. Press key End and append at end of first line a space and case-insensitive file extension TS. Save and close the updated wordfile. Now *.ts files are also syntax highlighted.
Best regards from Austria
It's good that there's partial support for TypeScript with the JavaScript syntax file. I hope someone creates a WordFile that fully supports TypeScript soon. It is fast-growing and popular language. It's already supported by all the other major editors and IDEs.
Extend it yourself:

Advanced->Settings->Editor Display->Syntax Highlighting->Choose javascript from the Installed Wordfiles drop down and click the open button next to it. The contents are fairly self explanatory for the most part and there's always the help if you need it.
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