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Hope you don't mind a suggestion for UltraFinder.
I've found myself changing the "Find where" directories back and forth quite a bit. So I'm wishing you had "save" feature so I can get my old directory locations back. Better might be to just be able to enable/disable the directory locations with a check box maybe next to the next to the delete button for the file locations?

Hope this make sense.

Love your products. Keep up the great work
Phil, that's definitely a good idea.

Perhaps even better would be a profile feature like UltraCompare has to quickly run a find with same options as defined before when several different finds needs to be frequently run.

Phil, do you have read also the top of this page. It's okay to post a feature request in user-to-user forum. But you need to additionally request an enhancement like this one also by email to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
Oops my bad on not forwarding to IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. directly. I'm a notorious at "Skipping the fine print" :roll:
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