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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I have two test files with identical format, but each file has the extract date and time. When I compare the files, every record is highlighted as unmatched. The character highlights do show that the only discrepant fields are extract date & time, but the file has thousands of records and I must scroll through the entire file to verify that there are no other discrepancies.

Is it possible to specify that a compare only compare specific columns? For example, in a 100-character record, only compare columns 1-50 & columns 69-100, skipping any comparison of columns 51-68, which contain the extract date and time.
I'm looking for the same functionality. Perhaps, a UC veteran can show us how this could be achieved.
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I've sent a request into IDM support for functionality similar to what you describe. I got a response from them saying it seemed to be a useful option and it would be passed on to the developers. Send in your requests as well, because the more requests they get, the more likely they will see the demand for this and add it to UC.


I have had the Ultraedit and Ultracompare products for so years and would have bet that this column compare feature was just a minor upgrade away. I'm surprised and actually a little frustrated that Ultracompare does not yet have this capability. I love Ultraedit so I will keep purchasing those upgrades, however, I think I can find something better than Ultracompare. Chris
hello together

included and excluded columns=lineposition - good idea
but what are you thinking about:
soundex and/or-fuzzy-tolerable search and compare functionality
columns with date-time-stamps are very simular

and an other point
column-including/excluding should work bmho in two ways in UE
the most of the comparible files are
fixed format - so all columns has identical length - or
has separators between columns like TAB ; | or anything else
so i want to say something like from position to position in line
or the number of logical separated column

and thinking more
what's about sorting by column/position
I have the same need but backwards which I think leads to the same answer. I need to compare only by part(s) of the record (e.g. "person id"). We compare data and data is organized by keys. This would be a great tool for regression.

In my opinion, UC needs "Compare Key Functionality"
Hi all !

Hope that this thread i still alive !

I want to compare patterns.
But in order to do that, i need to ignore some amounths that all lines end with.

I seems that i also, need the ignore columns no. til collum no. functionality !
UltraCompare 5 has among others 2 new features:

- Option to specify column ranges to compare
- Option to specify column ranges to ignore
Best regards from Austria
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