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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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First off I know about the dangers of running anything in root, but sometimes you just have to.

My problem is when I log in as root UE will not load. Usually there is a config file somewhere checking if the user is "root" and then immediately exit the program.
I am having trouble finding the config file in Linux. If anyone knows the answer please let me know, or if there is another reason why UE will not run as root?
The UEX configuration files for current user account are stored in hidden directory ~/.idm/uex which is /home/username/.idm/uex which is for root account /home/root/.idm/uex according to Linux standard.

And it should be definitely possible to run UEX as root because I found with a search for root in forum UEX General Discussion using Advanced search (link at top right corner) 5 topics containing this keyword and 3 of them write also about executing UEX with root account.

I am using UltraEdit only on Windows and therefore summarized here only what I found in UEX General Discussion forum.

By the way: There are lots of Linux distributions in various versions. For that reason it is always good to write which distribution in which version is used on Linux related questions.
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Thanks for the reply and yes I found those posts as well, but the posts nor your response gives me any clue on why UEX will not load when I am logged in as root. If I login as a normal user UEX will load just fine. I did find the log files within the hidden directory, thank you for that. The log file shows that UEX starts up then shuts down because UEX is not licensed. However, I can't load UEX to apply the license.
I suggest to contact IDM support by email if no UEX user visiting also regularly the user-to-user forums have a helpful hint for you. Click on email us directly at top of this page.
Best regards from Austria
Does UEX run using `sudo` when you're a non-root user? That works for me. I understand that's a little bit different scenario, but it might give a clue about what's happening especially if sudo doesn't work for you. When I run UEX with sudo, the title bar displays "*** Admin Instance ***" and "(as superuser)", so the program is definitely running at least some small amount of code to detect when running as a superuser.

Also using strace when starting UEX might give a clue about what's causing it to not start. But I'd guess that Mofi's suggestion to contact IDM support should give faster results. Please update the thread with whatever response they might give.

UPDATE: I just noticed that has the following item in its changelog:

IDM wrote: - Addressed issue when launching new instance with root privileges

Make sure you have updated to that version.
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