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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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Using Windows UltraEdit version I want to specify an FTP file on the command line that starts UltraEdit. I have a working secure key setup so no password is needed and my FTP Account Manager entry works fine from inside UltraEdit. I've tried this:

uedit64 "FTP::EDI Prod 1\\/infosol/logs/skt/SOCKET.islog"

But all that happens is that UltraEdit pops up and opens the last FTP entry I used (and is waiting for me to click connect or whatever)

Is it possible to open a specific FTP file in this manner? Someone have a working example? I've found topics showing how to do this from inside a script, but in this instance, a script will not work. I'm looking at sending an alert email with a link to open the problem file. Even if I cannot get the link part to work as I want, I can still include a line that can be cut and pasted to the command line to do what I need.

Thanks in advance!
UltraEdit is a GUI text editor and therefore not designed for FTP actions from command line.

However, it is possible to record/code an UltraEdit macro or code an UltraEdit script which opens a file via FTP using a configured FTP account, modify it and save the file on FTP server. And this macro or script could be executed from within a batch file using as first argument /fni (force new instance) and as last argument the appropriate option to run the macro/script after starting UltraEdit and exiting after macro/script execution finished.

If the name of the file/directory path varies, the batch file could write the file name with path into a temporary created text file in %TEMP% and on calling UltraEdit the name of this temporary file is passed as second parameter after /fni on command line, for example with "%TEMP%\FtpFileToModify.tmp". The macro/script selects the file name with path from the opened temporary file and uses it with Open "^s" (macro) or"^s"); (script). The temporary file is deleted by the batch file after UltraEdit terminated.

Please ask for help if you need it to write the little UltraEdit macro/script for this task.
Best regards from Austria
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