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Display customization and font issues
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Is there a hotkey for increasing and decreasing the tab stop value? If not, I think it would be nice to have.
You want to change the tab stop value on the fly? Why?

Do you know that it is possible to define tab stop value(s) per file extension?

No, take a look at File extension based word wrap, tab and indent settings.

Or do you edit tab aligned assembler files or CSV files using tab character as separator?

Yes, do you know that multiple tab stop values can be defined for individual tab widths?

No, open Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Editor - Word Wrap/Tab Settings and click on button Help. It can be read in the opened help page that up to 12 tab stop values separated by commas can be defined for all files with a file extension according to currently displayed list item at top of the configuration dialog.

But to answer your question: The tab stop value can't be modified by hotkey, macro or script. Configuration settings can be modified only by the user via configuration dialog.

Of course it is possible to increase and decrease the indentation of selected lines according to tab/indent settings as defined in configuration for active file by pressing TAB and Shift+TAB after having made the selection.
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Thanks for the reply. When using uedit to view files that contain columns of data separated by tabs (e.g. numbers), it would be very nice to be able to adjust the tab stop value up or down interactively.
So you view CSV files using tab as separator and of course the widths for the data columns vary from CSV file to CSV file. I suggest to use here command Convert to Fixed Columns and let UltraEdit with a Scan of whole file find out what are the field widths. Of course if the CSV files are very large, the scan and next conversion could take some time to finish. But the file is then at least really human readable.

However, feel free to send a feature request email to IDM support for commands increasing/decreasing (single) tab stop value for active file without modifying tab stop values configured in configuration. Click on email us directly on top of this page. If many other users of UltraEdit request in near future the same or UltraEdit product management team thinks this is a very valuable enhancement for many users of UltraEdit, I'm quite sure that such a feature will be implemented in one of the next versions of UltraEdit.
Best regards from Austria
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