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Syntax highlighting, code folding, brace matching, code indenting, and function list
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I appreciate the posts regarding SQL code folding function and the specific issues that they are having. My question is more basic. I don't have any code folding function when I use the wordfiles that are for SQL. It does not matter if it is the MySQL or the SQL\SQC flavor. Can anyone tell me what gives? I do see the function in the C# files when I open them, same for XML files. Is there something not spoken or written about the support for SQL folding in the version I am using UltraEdit Professional Text/HEX Editor (x64) Version Thanks.
The wordfiles download page contains lots of user contributed SQL related wordfiles. Nearly all of them don't have open/close fold strings defined in the wordfile and therefore code folding is not supported when using those wordfiles.

The wordfile mysql.uew is installed with UltraEdit for Windows. This wordfile contains:

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/Open Fold Strings = "{"
/Close Fold Strings = "}"

So first I suggest to make sure that loaded %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles\mysql.uew is identical to installed wordfile %ProgramFiles%\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\wordfiles\mysql.uew by copying mysql.uew in subdirectory wordfiles of program files folder of UltraEdit to the subdirectory wordfiles in application data directory of UltraEdit.

Code folding should be active after next restart of UltraEdit for *.sql files syntax highlighted with %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles\mysql.uew indicated with MySQL 5.1 in the status bar at bottom of UltraEdit which is the name of the syntax highlighting language as defined in the wordfile.

If the status bar is displaying a different string on syntax highlighted *.sql file, a different *.uew file is present in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles being also defined for files with extension SQL and used first by UltraEdit. You should have only 1 wordfile for syntax highlighting SQL files, except you have a very good reason to use multiple wordfiles for *.sql files whereby in this case the highlighting to apply must be selected manually for example with language selector in status bar (on not using basic status bar).

[-] should be visible on *.sql file being syntax highlighted with %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles\mysql.uew on any line containing { being the defined open fold string and there is also } somewhere below.

I don't know if open fold string { and close fold string } are really useful for SQL files. If that is not the case, feel free to customize the open and close fold strings in mysql.uew opened via Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Editor Display - Syntax Highlighting by clicking on button Open on having installed wordfile MySQL 5.1 selected and clicking next on Cancel to exit configuration dialog without making any change in configuration.

Each saved modification in the wordfile becomes automatically active. But for applying a modified code folding definition on already opened *.sql file in same instance of UltraEdit it is necessary to reload also the SQL file using command Revert to Saved or modifying the SQL file.
Best regards from Austria
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