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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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So it doesn't need to be saved. And it doesn't turn on the "dirty" flags that turn on the "Save" and "Save All" buttons.

A simple checkbox that comes up for a tab's context menu would suffice.
That's a good idea for a new feature. Do you have requested it additionally by email to IDM support?

In the meantime I would suggest following for using scratch file(s):

  1. Create anywhere you want 1 or more files for temporary usage with file extension you like.

  2. Create a scripts file which first compares the name of active file if there is one at all with the file name(s) of the scratch file(s).

    If the active file is a scratch file, look in documents array for other scratch file(s) already opened and then open the next named scratch file with fixed storage location.

    But if the active file is not a scratch file, look in documents array for already opened scratch files starting from current document index to right with rollover to left for the next opened file being a scratch file and make this one the active file respectively if no scratch file is opened, open (first) scratch file with fixed name and storage location.

    When the scripts opens a scratch file, it should automatically delete is current content and save the scratch file being empty now.
  3. Add the script for opening (next) scratch file or making activate (next) scratch file to the script list and assign a hotkey or chord to this script for fast execution by key.
Now the keys for executing the script can be used to quickly make (next) already opened scratch file active or open (next) scratch file.

Of course those scratch files save their current contents on executing Save All or on closing project/workspace or exit UE/UES. And the scratch files opened on last project/workspace close respectively exit of UE/UES are also reloaded. But I think this would be a good workaround to use named files for temporary usage as text buffers.
Best regards from Austria
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