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Shortcut keys Alt+W (Nur ganzes Wort vergleichen) and Alt+D (Alle Fundstellen hervorheben ) are not working in Dialog "Suchen und Ersetzen" in German UltraEdit.

Other shortcut keys like Alt+G work well.

UltraEdit Professioneller Text-/HEX-Editor (x64) -- German, Windows 7

Can anyone reproduce this issue?
Regards from Vienna
You are right and at the same time you are wrong. The mnemonic keys (thats the right term) work, but not as expected by you.

Microsoft published guidelines like Guidelines for Keyboard User Interface Design and Mnemonics Guidelines which in my experience are really great, but which most GUI programmers and GUI translators have never read. So it is not really surprising that the same mistakes are made again and again regarding mnemonic key assignment in menus, popup menus and dialogs.

I'm using nearly exclusively English UltraEdit and suggested in the pasted quite often improvements on mnemonic key assignment during beta test periods as also the developers and testers of IDM often forget to check the mnemonic keys and the tab sequence after a change in a menu or a dialog.

By luck I have currently installed also German beta version of next UE and could therefore look on German Find and Replace dialog.

German Find and Replace dialog with problematic mnemonic key assignments
german_find_replace.png (12.84 KiB) Viewed 667 times

As it can be seen on image above, some letters are used more than once, a mistake made by the German translators.

So on pressing W (no edit field as input focus) or Alt+W (necessary on edit field have input focus) just the input focus switches to either Ausgewählter Text or Nur ganzes Wort vergleichen. But the radio option is not automatically selected respectively the check box is not automatically toggled because another (enabled) resource in same dialog has the same mnemonic key assignment. So the user has to additionally press the SPACE key to select the radio option respectively toggle the check box.

Which item has the input focus is displayed with Classic theme with a black broken line rectangle around the item. But on using a modern and stylish theme like Slate there is no such visual help anymore to see which item has the input focus. I don't know if this is the fault of developers of UltraEdit or developers of GDIPlus library used by UltraEdit. However, it looks like stylish user interfaces are designed for being used by pointing devices or touch screens and not by keyboard. If a user only clicks or touches an item, it is not necessary to indicate which item has input focus like needed when the keyboard is used.

I will look on all 6 German find and replaces dialogs (4 tabbed plus the 2 in hex edit mode) and send a suggestion to IDM support by email to get in next major German version as most find/replace items not only accessible but also activated by key without duplicate assignments and with same mnemonic key for same option in all 6 dialog windows.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you.
Being the user of another dark theme, namely Glitch, I can confirm that the active control in the search dialog is not visible.
Alt+W, Alt+W, Space in fact turns on the check box "Whole words" (for whoever on earth will want to use it like this).
Regards from Vienna
Many mnemonic keys are redefined in all Find and Replace windows in German UltraEdit v24.00. There are no duplicates anymore according to my tests and some items not having a mnemonic key before have now a suitable key/letter assigned.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the info.
Sad to say, a tiny bug remained in the soup in Version
Shortcut Alt+R occurs unfortunately 2 times, so that one is supposed to press Alt+R, Space in order to replace the next occurrence of the search pattern.
I have mailed IDM and they have already fixed it for the next release.
Regards from Vienna
You are right. I have overlooked that button Ersetzen and Reguläre Ausdrücke have both R as mnemonic key in UE v24.00.0.53 in German replace window. Better is using for the button Ersetzen.
Best regards from Austria
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