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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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German Version of UE 23:
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I removed the shortcut Alt-Shift-1 of the command "Zeilenkommentar hinzufügen" and want to assign it to the second menu item »Blockkomentarauswahl«.

But I can't find this command in the settings, only e.g. "Blocksatz" ;-)
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So, how can I assign Alt-Shift-1 to this command?


PS: in the settings/configuration menu you can find a specific setting by the text search in this dialog window – such a search for a specific menu item in the "key assign" menu would be very helpful, too!
It helps to use Traditionelle Menüs instead of Moderne Menüs on searching for a command as the command name is usually (but not always) the menu item name in traditional menu.

Blockkommentarauswahl in submenu Kommentar in menu Codierung with using Moderne Menüs is Auswahl herauskommentieren in menu Bearbeiten with using Traditionelle Menüs.

So you have to assign Alt+Shift+1 to command Auswahl herauskommentieren.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you very much!

Now I have my "old" keyboard shortcuts of former UE versions – a combination of menu shortcuts and text modules:


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