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Syntax highlighting, code folding, brace matching, code indenting, and function list
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My work computer's hard drive crashed and the sys-admins had to do a complete rebuild and load because they got less than 12% of the data off of the dying drive. While setting UE back up to the way I thought I had it I experienced a problem. Mid-session UltraEdit suddenly syntax highlighted my unsaved file in unexpected colors. I looked at the status line and instead of showing the Bourne & Korn Shell I had selected, it said C++. So did the other file I had open, the Bourne & Korn Shell wordfile. At first I thought the new hard drive was bad, but it turned out to be an unexpected result of the backup settings I use. I was making and testing changes to the wordfile to get it to be like the customized one I had on the previous hard drive. Each time I saved the wordfile a backup version was created as per my settings. The version was saved to the wordfile directory and before you know it I had a half-dozen versions sitting there. As far as UE is concerned they are all valid word files and being in alphabetic order they pushed the C++ wordfile down the list to the location of my "default" wordfile of IDL, apparently making the settings for C++ now the default settings. Perhaps UE used index values for the wordfiles and they didn't update with the wordfile replication from the version backups. I deleted the extra wordfiles and then restarted UE and things were back to normal.
The backup feature is disabled completely in UltraEdit in my configuration. And an explicitly configured backup directory is used by me in UEStudio which is secure deleted once per month using UltraSentry. So I was never aware what could happen if a user edits *.uew files in wordfiles directory with having version backup enabled creating backups with file extension uew.

This is of course problematic. It is advisable to temporary disable the version backup feature while editing syntax highlighting wordfiles. And it is always a good idea to clean up the wordfiles directory - the one displayed in syntax highlighting configuration dialog - by keeping only those *.uew files really needed and deleting all other files.

PS: It's funny for me giving users the advice to delete all *.uew files in configured wordfiles directory not really needed to speed up startup of UltraEdit while my wordfiles directory for UltraEdit contains 24 *.uew files whereby most of them are not available public as for special files. But at least in wordfiles directory of UEStudio are only 4 *.uew files on my computers.
Best regards from Austria
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