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Display customization and font issues
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Just testing this new version. Found a very annoying bug.

When double clicking the top edge of window (to maximize height in Windows 7, ...) the windows default behavior is blocked. The window does not grow to full height.

If double clicking the bottom edge of window the behavior works OK. But I usually click on top of windows and this is very annoying.


I assume you use Windows 7. I've never noticed such a behavior in my Windows 7+UltraEdit.
Double click on UE application window title -> maximize/restore
Double click on the very top/bottom edge of UE application window -> full height/restore
I guess that some 3rd party software could be the culprit.

BR, Fleggy
I also cannot reproduce this issue. Double clicking on main window edge works on bottom and on top side.

I use 32-bit UE v23.20.0.43 on Windows 7 SP x64 with the Window Classic desktop theme selected with some additional modifications for best performance. I set green as desktop background for this test. I started UltraEdit for the test with default settings and just switched to toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus. The UltraEdit theme was Slate.

I double clicked on top main window edge as it can be seen on attached screenshot click_edge_top.png made immediately before pressing primary mouse button twice. The result was extended_window.png. I double clicked once again on top window edge to restore previous main window size. Then I double clicked on bottom window as screenshot click_edge_bottom.png shows which was made immediately before double click. And the result was again extended_window.png.

This AeroSnap feature of Windows 7 and later Windows does not need any additional code by the application. Windows calculates new y-position and height of the application window and sends the message for changed window size with x/y-coordinates and width/height to the application. This is the same message as when a user resizes the application window with pointing device.

Like Fleggy I suppose a third-party application running as background process prevents the window resize to full height on double clicking of top main window edge.


Best regards from Austria
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